Coronavirus (COVID19) Update

Coronavirus (COVID19) Update

Covid-19 update 30 December 2020

Our Epsom factory, and offices will remain open for business. 9 to 5 Monday to Friday .This means that fitting and calls/surveys to your own home are permitted under tier 4 rules.Sheen is open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday  by appointment. Battersea is only open by appointment. 

We understand that our customers and our employees have questions about safety whilst continuing on with vital business services which are more important than ever before, as many people are working from home, educating children at home, and caring for family members in all sorts of circumstances which are often unrelated to the current health crisis. We are open for business and are pleased to receive your orders subject to operating within current government guidelines on maintaining essential business services.

In order to continue to provide our excellent customer service we have had to make some changes to the way our fitters work, and we have introduced all relevant safety measures to protect our people during their attendances at customers’ locations.  We uphold current guidelines for safe practices in our premises and for all our fitting services, alongside other retail industries who are doing their best to remain safe whilst operating as many essential home services as possible.

Whilst remaining at home, we understand the need to have proper levels of shade, ventilation, temperature control and as much comfort as possible during potentially hot and humid weather. We are helping our customers by continuing to supply our products and prioritising fitting and repair of shutters and blinds for the people who need them most in order to continue living and working and caring for others in their own homes.

We are fully on board with helping to support our NHS in addition to helping our customers wherever this is possible in a safe and secure manner.  With this in mind, we request that you notify us of any self-isolation requirements or symptoms of Covid-19 within your household, in order that we may notify our people of when it is safe to attend.  We request that you notify us of your requirements and your home-working/living situation, in order that we prioritise those customers most in need of urgent appointments, and so we can let you know accurate response times to your requests to attend at your home for any reason.  We ask that our employee is allowed sole access to any room in which you require work to be completed, and that all children are kept in an alternative room at all times. If you would like to delay any previously requested attendance, please let us know as soon as possible in order that we may offer the service to any other customer in need of an urgent appointment.  

In line with current guidelines on social distancing, please remain at least 2 metres apart, avoid physical contact with any service or installation fitters, and note that all invoicing and payment transactions are done online or by phone in any event.  Our fitters will travel to and from any place of business on a one-person basis, and will carry out essential services where it is possible to do so with only one fitter in attendance, in order to minimise contact with other employees at all times.  Rest assured that your safety is of great concern to us, and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns at any time.

Meantime please call on 01372 747177 or 07932 023598, email where a member staff will help you. 

Kindest regards

Mike McGarry


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