Grovewood Shutters

Our Grovewood Shutters are made from White Teak premium hardwood, a superb fast growing and durable timber. Grovewood is a managed and certified sustainable hardwood ideal for our wide range of painted and stained finishes.

Colours: Grovewood benefits from a wide range of painted and stained colours.


Black Walnut

Full Height

These are full height single panels, which if over a certain height are strengthened with a horizontal divider rail, thus allowing independent movement of the slats in the top and bottom section.


Cafe Style

These are panels that cover the bottom section of the window only, allowing light and privacy simultaneously.



Tier-on-Tier allows the top tier of panels to swing open independently from the bottom set, thus giving the choice of either total privacy or allowing full light to enter through the top window, leaving the bottom section closed if desired.



Solid shutters are the ultimate traditional shutter, providing a wonderfully old fashioned look to a window and an added security feature. Solids are also available with a slatted top half.



Our custom-made shaped shutters are designed to be a practical and stylish solution to the most difficult window. Each shutter is individually manufactured to the customers own specification.


We offer a measure and fit service. Our aim is always to exceed your expectations as customer satisfaction is our guarantee of success.

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