Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds offer real value for money and when compared with other solutions in a larger window, you’ll find a drastic difference in the price of perking up your décor. The clean and clear lines of the louvered slats lend a more modern style to any space whilst still granting you control over the light you let in. 

Vertical blinds are ideal for controlling the amount of light that enters your room and for protecting furnishings from sunlight. Perfect for large patio windows and conservatories, Vertical blinds can create stunning effects whilst maintaining privacy. With over 2,000 inspiring colours, textures and patterns combined with an excellent range of machine washable fabrics and rigid PVC and aluminium louvers, we can find a vertical blind to suit any window.

They are an ideal solution for sloping, arched or curved windows. All available in 89mm or 127mm louvers.
Advantages: Light control, practical, economic, easy operation

Disadvantages: Loss of space on window sill, stack size

Best room to use in: Any with large windows/patio doors

Motorisation: Yes


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