Enjoy your outdoor space with our collection of stylish and modern awnings.

Four Seasons Blinds & Shutters supply and install a comprehensive range of awnings to suit a variety of installations. We work closely with leading manufacturers, Luxaflex® and Weinor. Our awnings are manufactured using the finest components, which means they are designed to withstand the often wet and windy weather conditions in the UK.

Stylish fabrics are just the start when it comes to choosing a garden awning. We’ve got lots of innovative optional extras to help you enjoy outdoor living in ease and comfort. Go for motorised controls and with the push of the button, your awning will automatically open and close. Or choose integrated lighting and heating, then sit back and watch the sunset without noticing the evening chill.

You can even include an intelligent weather sensor which automatically opens your awning when it’s sunny and closes it again when it gets too windy. Plus, there is our range of high performance fabrics, which are moisture-resistant and specially treated to help prevent fading and weathering. You can be confident your awning will enhance your garden space for years to come.

We specialise in unusual or difficult installations and offer a 10-year guarantee with all Weinor awning installations.

Installation Examples

Standard Installation

A standard awning installation.

Installation Example 1

Single storey installation using bungalow bracket.

Installation Example 2

Awning installed with gutter steels to overcome lack of space to fit above window.

Installation Example 3

Awning with brackets to allow installation in front of tile cladding.

Installation Example 4

In this case the awning had to be installed level with the gutter to avoid opening windows. An additional extra plate was used due to the likely strain on the brick pier.

Installation Example 5

As example 4 but with the awning installed.

Installation Example 6

Awning with bracket cut into tiles to allow installation flush with tile cladding. The tiles were replaced after fitting.

Installation Example 7

Awning with double angled steels to allow installation over tile cladding, avoiding soil pipe and window.

Installation Example 8

If there are no fixings at all we can make them. This is an example of an awning where we have set posts in to the patio to enable fixing.

Installation Example 9

As there were no fixing points on this installation we built posts into the patio to mount the awning. Demonstrating you can have an awning whatever your circumstances.

Installation Example 10

This shows the detail of the fixing posts sunk into the patio (as shown in examples 8 and 9).

Installation Example 11

If required the awning can overlap the fixing post as seen here.

Professional Installation

We employ our own team of fitters who are equipped with specialist awning lifters to ensure a perfect installation.

We provide a free, no obligation measuring service to ensure the best results when it comes to installation and ensure we find the right product for you and your home.

Call your local branch for a free no obligation home survey, or call in to see us,
you are always welcome.